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Play Tony's Free Casino Games

Tony's free craps

Why do you want to play Tony's free craps game over, say, anybody elses? Because Tony's bigger than you. Oh, and Tony's game is far superior.

Seriously, it's got bankroll management that stays with you across sessions, so you can work on your system, strategy, hedging etc, properly, unlike other site's free craps games. You can also take that bankroll and play other games with it. Choose from video poker, blackjack, slots, even roulette, the choice is up to you.

Fat Tony's free craps also has built in chat, which means while you're playing you can talk to (or choose not to talk to) all of the other people playing at the same time. It's almost like being at the casino, but when you get tired of the company, you can just ignore themů without looking like an idiot.

If you can find a better free craps game on the Internet, Fat Tony wants to know about it, because Fat Tony only wants the best. So far though, this does seem to be a great free game, and it should entertain you for hours. Oh and it's all free.