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Craps Questions & Answers

Q: But what is the point number, and how do we know if it's set or not?

A: When a shooter starts a round, they either win or lose on their pass bets (2, 3, 7, 11), or roll a number that becomes the 'point number' for a session (either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10). The shooter continues rolling and if they roll that point number again before they roll a 7, all pass line bets win.

Q: What's a hardway bet and why are they so popular?

A: A hardway is a bet that the 'hard total' for a number will come up before a 'soft total' or a 7. A hard total is a dice total made of two identical numbers. A hard six is a roll of two 3s. A hard eight is a roll of two 4s. A soft six is a roll of 5 and 1, or a roll of 4 and 2. Hardways are popular simply because they add some 'next roll' excitement to the game, and they have spectacularly large payoff rates. If you bet $5 on a hard six and hit, you can be paid as much as $45.

Q: How do you tip the dealer at a craps table?

A: The most common way to tip a dealer at the craps table is to call a bet for them, and toss some money into the middle of the board. Much of the time, a 'Yo' bet will be made for the dealer, and you'll see people throw a $1 or $5 chip to the middle of the table while saying 'Yo dealer'. You simply have to say 'dealer' or 'for the dealer' as you give them chips. The dealer then places this bet, and if they win, the winnings are the tip.

Q: Is it a good idea to hedge my pass line bet with an any craps wager?

A: Probably the most common intentional hedge bet in crap is placing an any craps wager against a pass line bet. What it comes down to in the end is, hedging your bets will ensure the ups and downs of your fluctuating bankroll wont be very extreme, but it also limits the amount you can win when you're winning. For a more detailed explanation read our hedging your bets page.

Q: How many players can play at the craps table.

A: There is usually not set number of players who may play at the table. If a table is empty but there are dealers waiting, feel free to be the first to step up to it. If a table is busy, try to find somewhere to squeeze in, without ruining anybody elses personal space. Lots of big guys like me take up a lot of space at the table without realizing it, sadly, not all of us big guys are as likely as Fat Tony to let a novice squeeze in beside them.

Q: Why is the Big 6/ 8 bet, so big?

A: Simple, because it's the same bet as placing the six or the eight, but pays off worse, so the casino makes it big and sexy in the hopes that you'll bet that bet instead of a place bet. Never bet the Big 6/8 bet, it's a certified sucker bet.

Q: Why are the 2 and the 12 circled in the field area?

A: Most casinos offer slightly better odds on a 2 or 12 in the field (as they should, hitting a 2 or a 12 on the 'next roll' isn't very likely) and so separate the numbers with circles. 2s and 12s are usually paid double instead of even money like the rest of the field. In some cases either the 2 or the 12 but not both, can pay back at 3-to-1.

Q: Why is there a don't version of so many bets

A: Craps is a game that lets you bet on almost anything that could happen. The 'don't bets' have a counterpart which wins and loses on the opposite set of results. This is to give the gambler more options, and more of sense that they can bet on anything and should therefore be able to make money off of every roll. The casinos manage to allow this bet on anything approach by altering the payout ratios for bets. If you place a bet you are more likely to win, you wont win as true odds would pay.

Q: What's with the big gap in the field numbers

A: The field numbers usually run 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 and sometimes the 5 is switched out for a 9. Since the field bet is a 'next roll' bet, the casino has removed the numbers that are most likely to be hit on any one roll, which include the 7, 6, and 8. The casino is simply ensuring that the field bet is weighted in their favor.

Q: How do you place bets you don't see or can't reach on the board?

A: There are a number of bets who's names are not fully printed on the board, and many more you couldn't reasonably reach without bionic arms. No fear though, you can still make these bets. Other than the pass line bet, don't pass, the field, come bets, and your odds, the dealers should be placing your bets anyway. When you want to place the six, or take a hard 8, you toss your chips in the general direction of the bet and tell the dealer what they're for. To place a hard six for example, toss a $5 chip to the middle of the board and say 'Five on hard six!'. The dealer will acknowledge and place your chip just right for you.

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