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Online Craps

To grab yourself a great free game of online craps, click the graphic on the right. To learn more about playing online, read on.

On the last page of this site, Fat Tony discussed the quirks involved in playing craps at a land-based casino. A different, but equally compelling set of quirks exists for the world of online craps.

Online, craps becomes a single player game. This has its ups and downs. The all players against the house mentality, which can be fun, is left behind. But in its wake it leaves a new environment craps players aren't exactly used to. It's a quiet environment, one where you set your own pace.

This difference in your surroundings is perhaps a very significant thing to note. Las Vegas casinos put a lot of time and effort into distracting us. They have the tough job of trying to get us to both play more, and pay less attention to what we're actually doing. One effective technique they use is to feed lots of free alcohol to everyone. At home of course, you can consume as much or as little as we want. You can also set up your playing position so that you have a clear view of the time (something casinos never let you see).

Internet casinos also comp a player differently than land-based casinos. A comp is short for a complimentary, or something the casino gives you for free. In Vegas it's often a meal, free room, or something else that keeps you in the casino. These comps come after a signing up for a players club card, and using it at the slot machines and tables. After you've played a significant amount they can take your card and calculate a comp from it. Online though, the only thing they can really comp you is money, and Fat Tony for one, isn't gonna argue. You can be comped ahead of time also, as an incentive for signing up at a particular online casino. These comps are often a bankroll bonus that matches your initial deposit, up to a certain amount. Some sites on the net are actually promoting a 200% sign up bonus currently. Have a look around at some of our advertisers sites, you may find something worth investigating (online promotions and comps are always changing, and some good deals come and go quickly).

Once you get into an online craps game (here, try this one), the first thing you'll notice is that you are only presented with what looks like half of the board. But if you've played before you know that's because this is all you need, the other half of the board is a redundant copy of what you see.

Placing bets is most often a matter of selecting which check/chip size you want by clicking on it, and then clicking where you want to bet it. It's actually rather satisfying to see the chips and bets and wins and losses be pushed and pulled around the table by invisible electronic hands. No waiting for stuffy dealers trying to slow down the start of my rolling streak.

Playing online craps for money is a different, but strangely familiar experience. The same craps emotions come back when the money starts moving, trust me. Getting paid with a check in the mail is a bit of a different experience too, but no less real, and no less satisfying. I don't even have to walk out from the center of the casino (past all those inviting tables) with my winnings. Of course, banks are bigger crooks than casinos in my opinion, but that's a story for another day.